Sim Lab Requirements

Requires parking parallel spaces

  • LAB HEIGHT – 12.5’
  • LAB LENGTH - 45'
  • LAB WEIGHT – 36,000 LB

Electrical Requirements

It is highly recommended for the Mobile SIM unit to be “docked” to a 100 AMP receptacle via our landline to optimize the climate control system and other power needs of the vehicle during training. Please note the type of plug and required 100 amp receptacle as they appear in the pictures right and below. The length of our landline is approximately 50’.

While all of the SIM-MT vehicles are equipped with an on-board generator, use of the landline eliminates exhaust odor and constant generator noise during simulation.

Electrical Specs

  • 100  amp
  • 125/250 volt
  • Single  phase
  • 3 pole - 4  wire


Lucina is the only wireless childbirth simulator with validated, integrated maternal-fetal physiology and interchangeable static cervices to train on all the stages of delivery and the rare emergency scenario. Lucina brings an impressive blend of features to the market including a more realistic and controllable birthing process, better articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers, and predicted APGAR scores based on the integrated maternal-fetal physiology. From normal delivery and breech birth to shoulder dystocia and eclampsia, Lucina does It All. With 5 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), Lucina allows instructors to increase throughput and manage multiple demands effortlessly.

Meti Man

Designed specifically to support anesthesia and medical gases, with patented cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling, the HPS is the Gold Standard in high fidelity patient simulation for respiratory and critical care training. The HPS interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators, and automatically responds to the administration of real anesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and drugs/medications.


PediaSIM patient simulator is a realistic representation of a six-year old patient developed for risk-free practice of pediatric critical care interventions involving children such as CPR, airway management, drug administration and defibrillation. With highly developed pediatric patient physiological modeling that generate realistic and automatic responses to clinical events, this simulator successfully captures the complexities of human physiology with heart and breath sounds, palpable pulses and a myriad of other features that create true and accurate simulation training scenarios.


Tiny humans depend on us in big ways. That's why CAE Healthcare skipped no details in developing its smallest member of the patient simulation family. BabySIM is an infant-sized, high-fidelity simulator that is powered with advanced physiology for practicing critical care and trauma care. BabySIM delivers critical training features designed to immerse learners in a realistic clinical environment.





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