Simulation Request Instructions

Our goal at SIMMT is to make this process easy, meaningful and clear. You can help us make sure we meet your simulation goals by reading and following the description below of the event request process.

  1. Complete the event request below with as much detail as possible.
  2. You will be contacted by your regional Simulation Team Lead (STL) within one business day of your request. 
  3. The STL will walk through your request to make sure on the details are understood.
  4. The event will be scheduled, taking into account previous commitments, staff availability, and ability to coordinate with other local simulation events.
  5. The event will be booked and confirmed on the completion of the event contract. Our goal is to achieve confirmation within two business days of your original request.

Wait, contract?

Simulation events require a clear understanding of all the stakeholders to make sure that the expectations, objectives and logistics are met. A contract for each event guarantees you will receive the highest quality simulation experience.

What about cost?

While the cost of some simulation events is subsidized by the start-up funding provided by the Helmsley Charitable trust, every event does incur actual expenses to Simulation in Motion Montana. The goal for this project is to become self-sustaining, in part by charging for some simulation events. Part of the contract that you will receive will help you and your agency prepare for the cost of mobile simulation in the future by including the price of the event you are requesting as the project becomes self-sustaining. 

Attention EMS Refresher Requests

It's that time of year again when many EMS agencies and training officers start planning annual refreshers. We are excited to be a part of this EMS tradition and community of educators. Please note the following SIM-MT guidelines for 2018 refresher season.

  • Refreshers are eligible for a day of simulation;
    •    Four simulation sessions for up to 10 participants per session.
    •    Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes
    •    Max of 40 participants 
  • Two simulations are offered for the 2018 refresher season;
    • Uncomplicated Childbirth
    • Adult high velocity trauma

Simulation in Motion-Montana Training Session Request Form

List up to three preferred training dates.
Are you requesting a multi-day event?
Estimate the number and credentials of the particpants.
Our goal is to deliver world class simulation training. To do this, we need your help to understand what your goals are for this event.
If you have selected "Custom Scenario" please elaborate with your ideas.


We can't wait to come to your event, we love simulation training! Like you and your teams, we constantly evaluate and seek to mitigate risk in our program. To that end, we have a best of practice inclement weather risk management program you need be aware of.

  1. Our Fleet and Safety Manager monitors regional weather patterns on a daily basis. 
  2. Your Simulation Team Leader will contact you as early as possible to warn if weather may affect your event.
  3. 24 hours prior our operational control team will make travel decision based on MT DOT forecasting.
  4. Within 30 minutes of a travel change decision, you will receive a call and E-mail from your Simulation Team Leader.

We take the safety of our teams incredibly seriously. At any moment during any portion of a simulation event, the team leader has the absolute discretion to cancel or modify any program to prevent injury to staff and participants.